Steak Kebabs

$4.59 for a Large Loaded Beef Kebab Skewer 16oz.


$4.59 for a Large Loaded Beef Kebab Skewer 16oz. (Local Pickup Order)


Buck’s “Steak Kebabs”

  • Handcrafted with extraordinary care, this delicious and flavorful Kebab is high in protein at 28 g.

  • This legendary Kebab is marinated for 48 hours and will awaken your taste buds that will continue to bring you back for more.

  • Superior blend of fresh ingredients, specifically hand picked and made for my customers who have a refined palate and who demands exceptional flavor.

  • Ideal to prepare in the outside grill or stove, it is a perfect blend to create the “Wow” factor. Made by hand, “one at a time”, you can be assured of the highest quality and freshness.

  • Fresh homemade quality is our highest priority!

Premium Elite’s Legendary “Steak Kebabs is perfect to serve for lunch and dinner. It is tasty, tender, moist, flavorful and simply hard to beat.