Protein Beef Slices *Biltong – “Better Than Jerky”

8oz. $9.50 16oz. $18.00
  • This tradition spans over 4 centuries. As such, our family’s highly nutritious recipe has been passed down for generations.

  • My supreme “On-the-Go” flavored Protein Beef Slices (Dried )is made from USDA approved beef.

  • I personally select the highest graded premium cuts of beef which is cured, air dried and spiced to maximum perfection at my inspected butchery.

  • This delicacy is made in the USA from USA produced beef. It is completely natural, deeply flavoured with exotic spices, and is simply delicious!

  • Premium Elite Protein Beef Slices (Dried ) contains: no MSG, no Additives, no Hormones, no Chemicals, no Sodium Nitrate, no Artificial Colourings and no harmful Ingredients.

  • With its exceptionally High Protein (30%) and Low Carb (0%) ratio it is extremely popular among fitness and gym
    enthusiasts, peak performance athletes, sportsmen, diabetics, dieters and members of our armed forces.

  • It is an ideal power packed Protein Snack for all outdoor activities.